ISBTS 2015

A Comprehensive Meeting on Intestinal Failure, Rehabilitation and Transplantation

June 10-13, 2015 - Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA) - BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA

Final Report

Between June 10-13, 2015, the XIV International Small Bowel Symposium, under the slogan "A comprehensive meeting on intestinal failure, rehabilitation and transplantation " took place at the Convention Center of the Catholic University of Buenos Aires Argentina, (UCA).

This Symposium, hosted for the first time in Latin America, was chaired by Dr. Gabriel Gondolesi, Head of the Nutritional Support Unit and Intestinal Transplantation, Liver Transplant Surgery and General and Hepatobiliopancreatic Surgery at the University Hospital "Fundación Favaloro". This meeting, aimed at physicians, discussed all aspects of the progress of intestine therapy including nutritional support, intestinal rehabilitation and intestinal transplantation.

627 health professionals from 28 countries attended the meeting, and it was the most numerous since the first Symposium held in London in 1989. Surgeons, medical professionals, nurses, coordinators and technicians from around the world attended this meeting.

More than 50 national and international speakers shared their experience and knowledge in different basic and clinical aspects of the specialty. The scientific program also included 127 oral presentations, 94 posters, 22 videos and seven breakfast tables with experts.

Throughout the symposium, events from the past, present and future took place:

  • The work of the pioneers in each area was recognized: Dr. Thomas Starzl, Dr Stanley and Dr Masashuki Dudrick Okumura.
  • The transplant current situation was discussed as well as what the requirements to start new programs should be.
  • New technological developments such as "in vivo" microscopy and "in vivo" evaluation of immune responses were presented.

By its contents, it was recognized as the ISBTS best scientific level meeting.

The abstracts presented at this meeting will be available in the journal Transplantation.

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